It’s almost the beginning of summer again and it feels like we’ve just finished last summer! Our seasons are getting longer and longer, which means more diving, busier boats and lots of people around town – we love it! This past summer was particularly awesome. We had a great team, went diving heaps (two boat days most days!), the weather was warm and the fish life was abundant on wreck and reef sites!

One of the most memorable days was the day we had the opportunity to rescue a shark! It started as a day like many others – we arrived at Matauri bay and got our customers and kit sorted. After the briefings it was time to launch the boat, a beach launch with our sturdy tractor to help. We had an exciting launch as there was a bit of swell. our guests all pitched in to help and soon we were underway. However, just as we passed the breakers a local guy called us over, chest deep in water and holding onto something we couldn’t quite see. As we got closer, we realised he had a small bronze whaler shark in his arms, that had been caught in a net on the beach. He was walking up and down behind the breakers trying to get the little guy swimming again, as sharks need to move to breathe.

The two crew working that day, Ombline and Faye, both had experience rescuing sharks in other places and knew what to do. We grabbed the shark and drove along slowly holding him beside the boat. After twenty minutes he started to swim a littl, so we carried on and gave him one final push away from the boat. With a flick of his tale and a splash goodbye he was off to explore the big blue.

This was an awesome experience for everyone on the boat, it gave us the chance to give back to the ocean and gave our customers an up close and personal encounter with an often misunderstood beautiful creature.