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Aqua Lung Stratos Full Foot Fins are a durable, light and affordable fin, ideal for Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. With the power for scuba diving and the sleek lines of a snorkelling fin, the Stratos is an excellent choice for warm water.

Aqua Lung Stratos Full Foot Fin Features:

  • Torsion Energy Point – a 3-materials side rib area that helps the blade flexing. The bending point has been moved backward, allowing more powerful kick with less efforts
  • Ergonomic Foot Pocket – design and reinforced soft material allow a great comfort. The fin has to be worn bare foot or with sock
  • Grip Effect – special finishing inside the foot pocket ensures high stability
  • Blade made of strong and elastic technopolimers
  • 4 channel structure for a better water canalization along the blade
  • Side wings enhance swim performance and stability
  • Rubber side ribs in customized Aqua Lung compounds very elastic, robust, resilient, anti-scratch
  • Stretched right up to the heel lower sole, more comfortable to prevent cramps
  • Anti-slip rubber pads improve stability on slippery floor
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