Paihia Dive Warranty Policy


We stand by every single item that we sell – we don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. This means that warranty claims are few and far between.

Warranty Criteria

Everything that we sell has a minimum of 12 months warranty from the date of purchase (excluding ex-rental / used equipment, which has a 90-day guarantee).

This warranty covers any fault, failure or defect that is the result of the manufacturing process of the item.

Damage / failures / faults / dislikes that occur due to incorrect personal fit, equipment misuse, wear & tear or an accident are not covered by the warranty policy.

If your product is inside its warranty period, then any approved repair / replacement will be at our cost (including the postage to get it to us). If it’s outside warranty we can still arrange the same process, however this will be entirely at the customer’s expense. 

Please note this warranty Policy only applies to ‘items’ purchased from us – it does not apply to courses or activities.

Warranties are non-transferable and only apply to the original purchaser of an item. 

Legal Guidelines

  • The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) and Fair-Trading Act (FTA) form the basis of our trading and warranty policies.
  • The CGA has minimum standards for goods sold to help protect you. In the unlikely event that something we have sold you is not fit for purpose or is faulty then you have the right to a repair, replacement or potentially refund. 
  • The FTA is designed to protect you (the consumer) from being misled, whether that was intentional or not. This applies to all areas of the sale of goods, from marketing / promotion through to pricing etc. 

Damaged on Delivery

If you have received an item that you suspect has been damaged during delivery, please do not dispose of the packaging that it arrived in, as our couriers will need to inspect it too. Please contact us with your order number and we’ll arrange for the product to be collected and will get a replacement to you as soon as we can. 

Warranty Solutions

The solutions below are listed in the order of which they will be attempted by us. We will make every endeavour to complete a stage before moving onto the next solution, in a reasonable timeframe. 

  1. Wherever we can, we will have your item repaired to a ‘ from the factory’ standard and return it you to at no charge. 
  2. If we can’t have an item repaired, either because it’s not possible or practical then we will replace the item with the same or nearest equivalent product. 
  3. If we can’t repair or replace your item then we will happily allow you to exchange it for any other item that we stock, at the same value as your original purchase price. Any remaining balance will be issued as a gift voucher if it’s in the customer’s favour, or charged to the customer if it’s in our favour. 
  4. If we can’t complete any of the above solutions, for example if they’re not possible or practical, then we will issue you with a full refund. 

Warranty Claim Process

  1. Contact us – Please get in touch with your order number, proof of purchase (if you don’t have an account with us or purchased in-store) and a detailed description of the problem with photos if you can. 
  2. We’ll be in touch – We’ll be in touch asap to offer any advice if we believe the issue can be fixed without returning the item to us. We may be able to send out a replacement component for an ‘at home’ fix if we can. 
  3. Return the item to us – If we can’t fix your issue remotely, and your item is still inside warranty and meets the criteria for a warranty claim, then we’ll arrange for the item to be collected from you, or you can send it to us yourself (please keep the receipt for us to reimburse the postage as part of your warranty claim). Please ensure the item is packaged securely. 
  4. We’ll confirm receipt of your returned item once it’s arrived with us, via email.
  5. Fixing the issue – Our team will conduct a full assessment of the issue and, if it meets the criteria for a warranty claim as outlined above, we will complete the Warranty Solutions process as above as quickly as we can. If your item does not meet the Warranty Criteria, then we will be in touch to let you know and advise you of the costs of any repair.   
  6. Return – we will then return your item(s) to you.

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